A husband and wife from the Inner West in Sydney, we design, build and garden together. Our passion is growing beautiful and bountiful things in simple, welcoming spaces. 

lilyfield garden

Welcome to our very own home garden in Lilyfield. We not only designed the areas and lighting, but also built, installed and planted everything ourselves, from the garden beds and decks to the light fixtures and retaining walls. It took many weekends and countless trips to nurseries and hardware stores hunting for the perfect plants, finishes and fixtures, but we loved (almost) every minute and hope you’ll agree that the results speak for themselves. 

The two gardens we have created are very different but contain common linking elements and themes, with shared materials and forms giving a pleasing resonance between them. Heavily influenced by our travels to France and Japan, our front garden welcomes visitors to the door and brings food to the table. Inspired by gardens such as the Versailles orangerie as well as Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, we created an attractive, harmonious setting to grow radishes, rosemary, tomatoes, lettuce and much more. 

If the front garden is for growing, the back is all about cooking, entertaining and sharing our produce with family and friends. On the decking at the rear is the Barbequorium, home to seven barbecues, including a pizza oven and smoker, and throughout the space there are many places to sit back, relax and talk while enjoying the view. While the old brick wall blocks the sun for part of the day, its dark hue sets off the colours of the garden and its textures glow when the lights come on at night. This garden is the perfect space for any occasion – family gatherings, casual dinners and even the occasional wild party. Designed with clean simple lines, our garden offers warmth, welcome and beauty both day and night.